“seven and one” is video piece created by Georgia Osborn, in which she explores forgotten memory. All in the form of VHS tapes recorded from the year 1990 to 2005, this documentation of her sisters (Louisa) and her own childhood, she explores the themes of nostalgia and repressed memory; questioning if events from our past are always as we remember them?


With inspiration taken from a wide range of film and video, inclusive of Chris Markers “La Jetee”, to the seductive use of Super8 film roll in Lana Del Reys “Summertime Sadness”. The clash of out dated technology for example, Super8 and VHS vs the more modern and high resolution uses of capturing moments such as iPhone and digital cameras, demonstrates the non-linear pattern of our memory Appropriating VHS tapes recorded by various family members proves to be both personal and honest, yet resonates with an audience, making them think about their own memories growing up. This video installation also exposes a more melancholy side to the past. Through a timeline of simplistic events, showing the subject growing up and series of glitches created through the old family VCR player; childhood is shown to be completely fleeting. 



MUSIC BY TALL SAINT  (Louisa Osborn) 


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